Malaysia's first driver booking app




Just have fun drinking and don't let the new DUI law spoil your TGIF



All you need to do is download our Sober app and enter your current location and destination. A designated driver will be assigned to you within a couple of minutes.



Eventually, you’ll be home safe and sound without worrying about getting caught for driving under influence. Yes! It’s that simple.


Driver ETA

One touch 
SOS button

In app


All driver is filtered 

All driver tracked 24/7





Drunk-driving incidents with a multitude of fatal accidents have long been plaguing the Malaysian population. While it's great to designate a driver, no one ever wants to take that role to counter this problem. Sober supplies professional, pre-screened drivers for shuttle driving as well as personal chauffeurs and designated driver for everyone. Unlike more expensive options like taxis or other e-hailing services, Sober allows you to take advantages of the car you already own by providing dependable drivers to drive your vehicle for you.


Our vision is to maximise the fun of the party and also protect lives from driving under influence. We also want everyone in Malaysia never have to get behind the wheel because Sober is just a tap away with our apps.


Equipped with the latest technology and AI , you're just a click away to enjoy your journey home after you’re out drinking. You need not to stay sober because Sober got your back.



Base Price

A base fare of RM 40 is applicable for the first 10 kilometres 

Subsequent Price

Once your destination is beyond the the first 10km , charges of RM2.50/km will be applicable


How to be our backer

Buy our prepaid coupon which worth RM100 and get FREE five trips where each trip cap at 30km
Is it worth to buy prepaid service ? YES!
If you refer to our pricing you will notice that for each trip you will get FREE 10km
Once the app launch , our team will send you a code to your personal email and if the app does not launch on 30.09.2020 . The funds will be automatically transfer back to your account

Be our App Backer

Want to be the first user? All you need to do is to buy our prepaid service which worth RM100 and get five free trips.

5 simple steps to be a funder

STEP 1 :

Press the back this app button on your right

STEP 2 :

Insert your personal details

STEP 3 :

Choose your preferred payment method

STEP 4 :

Back the app at the price of RM100

STEP 5 :

You will get a code which worth RM100 on 30th of September 2020

Terms & Condition Applies

You will get back your RM100 if the app is not launched on 30th of September 2020


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